Hello Australia Photographers!

It must be getting cold over there brrrr… Some people are thinking it’s silly for me to visit Australia during their winter, but NOT ME.

Anyway, as much as I love being your online friend, it’s so much more fun meeting in person. I had the opportunity to host coffee meetups in most major US cities, but never in Australia. Thus my excitement!!!

I plan to tour most of Australia during my stint. If you are interested in having coffee with me, I have a form below that you can fill out.

  • Coffee Meetup on August 1st?
  • Workshop too?

Let’s Have Coffee

One of the awesome things about coffee meetups is that it’s a chance to converse…in person. The dynamics is completely different from online responses. Plus, it’s very relaxed.

I would normally drink from Starbucks, but I would love to explore local shops. Suggestions encouraged!


Marketing is an interesting field. It’s constantly changing. Especially with the evolution of social media and micro social media networks, we’re always having to adapt. It can be overwhelming at times if you’re not kept abreast.

Personally, all of this fascinates the heck out of me. Most of my strategies are psychologically based if you haven’t, which relies heavily on how we socialize and behave to various triggers.

If you think what I post online is good, wait until you hear what I have to share in person.

Dang, I haven’t done a paid workshop in about two years. This should be interesting.

If you’re excited about a workshop with me, please fill out the form and I will email updates.

  • Crafting your unique voice
  • Amplifying that voice through various media channels
  • Scaling that brand through social media
  • Building trust and understanding the reasons behind it
  • and other cool stuff

Hope to see you there!

Lawrence Chan

P.S. Shhh… I secretly want to move to Australia, which is why I need to make sure that I could tolerate the coldest of coldest times.

P.P.S. Please fill out the form below and I will update you via email shortly afterwards.