One weekend, I visited my local supermarket to stock up on produce. Before I got to the automatic sliding doors, I was flanked by a Girl Scout.

With eyes as big as baseballs, I succumbed to her Jedi Mind Control and bought a ton of cookies.

shrek cat
Image courtesy of Shrek

Why do our guards go down in the presence of an opportunity for selflessness?

Do we do it because the act make us feel good by helping? TOMS Shoes is a successful business that uses the same model (buy a pair, give a pair to someone in need).

I made a comedic video illustrating that point. It touches a lot on my previous post’s topic on market vs. social situations.

Tying In Emotionally

I mentioned in the video that we should connect with our readers / clients emotionally. And I don’t mean with tears, tissue and a romantic movie.

If you provide helpful solutions and valuable advice, people will trust you. You need to invest time and energy in building relationships. And business will be borne from the relationships established.

Two simple ways are to…

  1. create content
  2. curate content

Remember to know your target audience and write for them. And no, your target audience is not anyone with eyeballs, wallets or skin.

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Lawrence Chan

P.S. No cats, Girl Scouts, Jedi Knights were harmed in the making of the video; just two cookies.

P.P.S. I got some delightful notes from some readers I wanted to share –

…I bought the e-book and…now I’m about to read it again because there were so many ideas bubbling in my rooftop and I’ve got to try and catch them all. Good work Lawrence!

I have purchased your e-book and you are a wealth of knowledge. I just wish I had found you sooner. Thanks for sharing, it REALLY helps put things in proper perspective!
Marvin Hall

P.P.P.S. Lastly, I am visiting (all over) Australia from July to September! Come have coffee with me! Click here.