Inspiration comes in countless ways. Sometimes, it’s when we sleep. Thomas Edison used to have a notepad next to his bed.

As for me, inspiration came this weekend in the oddest of places – the men’s restroom at The Melting Pot.

Don’t get me wrong. At times, the loo could be a highly stressful place! And other times, it’s quite relaxing…combined with the right amount of toilet mints – inspiration.

kohler toilet
kohler toilet

Target Market

So after doing my business, I washed my hands and was about to exit the room when I saw a poster mounted to the wall. At first, I was like cool, then left.

the melting pot grads eat free

Midway from exiting the restaurant, it dawned on me. I rushed back into the restroom and took the above photo with my iPhone. And yes, people thought I was weird. That’s the sacrifice I make for all of you who read my blog.

Marketing focuses a lot on understanding target audiences – likes, dislikes, wants, age, demographics, etc. Even determining strategic pricing for your clientele depends a lot on their social thinking patterns and so forth.

However, in the luxury industry, we tend to neglect a very important factor – grooming our future clients.

Take Burberry for example. Do you think that it was coincidental that Emma Watson was the recent face of that fashion label?

All of those Harry Potter loving fans will grow up into abled adults. And which brand will they want? Burberry hopes it’ll be them.

emma watson burberry
Emma Watson courtesy of Burberry

So, going back to The Melting Pot. They’re not offering free celebratory dinners for senior citizens’ 70th birthdays or toddlers’ first steps… The free fondue dinner is to celebrate their future clients (whom might have buying power within 5 years).

What’s Next?

Get a sheet of paper and spend the next few minutes writing about this future client of yours in extensive detail.

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Your chocolate dippin’ loving friend,

Lawrence Chan

P.S. I got this lovely note yesterday!

OMG OMG OMG .. Since I bought this pricing guide .. implemented .. I keep selling my TOP packages!!!!!!! for 2012 .. I have 4 weddings .. 2 of which bought my very top package .. 2 got “the one I love” package .. this is the BEST investment I think I’ve make allll year!! Thanks Lawrence .. again you ROCK!!!!! Xo

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