I’m an avid FourSquare user. Aside from discovering badges and points, I feel like it’s a wonderful way to track my life.

One of my Mayorships (a rank that proves that you’re a frequent visitor) is at Barnes and Noble. I love going to the mall. However, most of the time, I’m at the bookstore.

foursquare mayor

Every week, they consistently introduce new authors and new books. While there, I would take my time befriending the print before I make the relationship official on Nook / Kindle / iBook.

My visitation is pretty consistent.

This loyalty goes equal when trying to maintain return visitors to your site or business. There are usually two strategic reasons for re-entry.

  1. Need – You solve a problem [that keeps the user up at night]
  2. Want – You provide an enjoyable awe [that keeps users wanting to return for more]

Today, I’m going to talk about the latter.

Taco Tuesdays

I love deals. I can’t imagine anyone who doesn’t.

Whenever it’s a Tuesday, there’s a darn good chance that I would be at Rubio’s eating fish tacos. So delicious. This routine is already ingrained in my weekly diet.

After all, we are creatures of habit.

rubios taco tuesday

This strategy is applicable to even your own photography blogs. I understand that you may not have an event to highlight every week, but you could do posts on foods you eat or things you like – this promotes transparency.

Nina from Love and Lemonade has a blog where she has created weekly anticipation for her readers – Mixtape Mondays. It’s a fun way to accentuate the person behind the lens.

So every week, when idle, I go to her blog to listen to what music she has conjured. It’s become part of my online routine.

Creating Your Own

Just like Jasmine Star’s Kisses and Disses and Nina’s Mixtape Mondays, you could create loyal readers as well.

I have a few suggestions on making creating your own voice, but Nina elaborated much more (with a tutorial).

  1. Make it personal
  2. Start the words with same the same letter – Mundane Mondays
  3. Make them rhyme – Kisses and Disses
  4. Be consistent

Lastly, the phrase does not have to be photography related. Remember Mixtape Mondays? Again, tutorial here.

  • What will you start? Comment your weekly post title below!
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Ciao for now,

Lawrence Chan

P.S. Nina helped me recently at an editorial shoot. She’s freaken’ good with remote lights! And she’s very considerate. Knowing that I’m a camel, Nina always kept at least three full cups of water for me to drink. So sweet.

P.P.S. This weekend, I bought myself a new watch. In case you missed it on Facebook, I have a tutorial for my lighting setup and Photoshop editing here.

Isn’t Leonardo such a darling? I should have picked someone less photogenic for this juxtaposition.