In the recent past, PageRank (PR) was the crucial factor in determining a website’s importance, thus influencing its placement in search results. Real-time information was then factored into the algorithm with the rise of Twitter and Facebook’s “like” button.

As of yesterday, we have Google’s newest suggestion tool – Google +1. I’m guessing it’s a way to eventually cut the cord with Facebook since it’s becoming an imminent threat.

Google’s +1 is a wicked tool that will show up next to search results (rather than just influencing it behind the scenes). Your +1 is a social endorsement of a website. According to Google, +1 is “your stamp of approval.” This is quite similar to a direct link used in factoring PR.

Differing Results

I’m not sure if you all have noticed, but if you are logged in to your Google account, you would yield different search results.

google logged in

The more endorsements you gain – whether by peers or strangers – the better your search rankings will be. Here’s how it will look on a search result.

I know that it’s another thing to add to your website, but it helps. And I’m sure that Google would give itself precedence over other suggestion tools.

Get +1 Now

If you’re using Blogger, I’m sure Google has added that feature already.

For WordPress users, you can use the following plugin. It’s not great because it doesn’t allow for customizations (yet).

If you want to install it manually, it’s not too difficult.

Go to your header.php file or master head file and look for </head>. You’re going to need to add Google’s API code there. Paste the following codes right before </head>.

Next, go to your post area (single.php for WordPress) and paste the following codes. I would add it on top and bottom of the post.

You’re welcome to change “medium” to any of the four button types:

  • size=”small” – displays +1 at 15px height
  • size=”medium” – displays +1 at 20px height
  • size=”standard” – displays +1 at 24px height
  • size=”tall” – displays +1 at 60px height

You could also display the +1 count or hide it. More information can be found here along with a lot of other nifty customizations.

Join Experiment

Start stamping your approval across the web by joining this Google +1 experiment. To learn how to do this, go to Google’s Experiment page and click “Join Experiment” on the upper right corner.

What to do next…

If you haven’t already, please add the Facebook “like” button. Afterwards, integrate Google’s new +1 suggestion tool. Since I’m not Matt Cutts, I cannot guarantee that it will change your results, but I have a good feeling it will.

For non-believers of SEO, I just have a one simple question. “When was the last time you used Google or another search engine?”

As for me, 2 seconds ago, so I guess SEO is not dead. Don’t wrack your brains on this one…

Anyway, if you have found this helpful, I always love –

  1. for you to share with your friends via Twitter, Facebook and I guess +1 buttons below
  2. comment one thing you’re doing this weekend

Catch you later,

Lawrence Chan

P.S. I’m going to try to convince Julie to watch Super 8 this weekend – yikes!

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