My birthday just passed last week and I was bombarded with email promotions from various restaurants. I was offered free desserts, free meals, free french fries (?), and so forth.

islands dessert

I get what they’re doing. Birthday meals have no budget. So, it’s very likely that I’ll bring friends and family members and spend a lot of money just for the free dessert, which costs them $1.50. Although this is a fantastic strategy to disarm clients (just like free slurpees from 7-Eleven on 7-11-2011), this is not something you could maintain often. How many free slurpees … or free photo sessions … could one offer?

So, the goal is to remove ulterior motives all while promoting your services. What an oxymoronic quandary.

Content Strategy

Content strategy is a practice whereby you deliver content beneficial to your clients. Okay, good enough… So, how does one do it? And have enough content so that it’s worthwhile for readers to return?

I am not going to write about how to create content because there are infinite ways to approach it, but I will share an idea of how to promote your work while using content.

For example, let’s imagine that you wrote a blog post on “Learn How To Take a Photo of Your Baby Laughing” and listed instructions for capturing the right moments. Well, an example picture of a baby laughing would be ideal, right? Get where I’m going with this?

By sharing your own photos for these content strategy posts is an indirect way of promoting your work while removing ulterior motives. While you educate your audience on how to improve their lives, you are hopefully keeping your brand on top of their minds. So that in the event that your professional services are required, you’ll stand out compared to an ad they might have clicked on Facebook.

What’s Next?

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Happy Hump Day,

Lawrence Chan

P.S. Last night I wanted to take some star streak photos, but the entire sky was cloudy. SAD DAY…or night. Instead, I borrowed Julie’s keychain light and made a light sphere / orb in my backyard. Cool huh?

light orb sphere

P.P.S. SO EXCITED FOR Harry Potter 7 Part Two – It All Ends! Who’s watching it this Friday?

Love this photo. So uniformed.

harry potter it all ends