Have you ever paid for an ad and never got a referral?

I’m not saying that ads don’t work. It could have been a number of factors that was awry – poor design, unclear message, wrong target audience, etc. And if you did get business, great!

Don’t worry. This post is not about advertisements. Sort of. Today, I will share with you a story … a story of how $200 is probably going to guarantee Svetlana Yanova future business.

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Wedding Style Magazine Fall Winter 2011 Editorial Shoot | behind-the-scenes by Love and Lemonade

To Quote or Not to Quote

Over the weekend, Svetlana got an email from her bride asking how much was owed for the extra hour of photography coverage; the event started an hour late.

So, Svetlana posed the question – to quote or not to quote? – in our private pricing Facebook group. There were ambivalent responses. I decided to chime in as well.

Under promise and over deliver. Let her know that everyone’s time is valuable (barriers), but you understood the importance of such a celebration.

Win her heart and she might refer future business. With social media, everyone has a voice.

Ultimately, Svetlana mulled over the responses. She thanked everyone. And decided not to quote her client.

Svetlana later updated, “[My bride] replied back saying she will be recommending me to everyone she knows. :)”

Svetlana could have easily quoted $200 for the extra hour. She could be at the mall shopping by now (at least I would). Instead, Svetlana treated her client with grace and over delivery. Now, she has an evangelist whom may continue referring clients way into the distant future.

If you love stories…

I asked Svetlana for permission to post her dilemma and she’d “be glad if [her] story helps someone.” If you enjoyed this post and think it might help a friend, I appreciate a share with Facebook, Twitter and Google+ buttons below.

TGIF (from Oz),

Lawrence Chan

P.S. On page 150, you’ll see that aforementioned tabletop in Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Magazine‘s new Fall Winter issue (released today!!!).

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ed libby tabletop editorial

ed libby tabletop editorial