Let me tell you a cool story about how an Australian ice cream bar came to be. A local shared it with me.

Grandfather Weis tried to coax his grandchildren to eat fruits. They refused.

So, Weis chopped up the fruits and froze the mixture into what looked like an ice cream bar, and he added a strip of cream in the center. The kids gobbled up the treat.

And now, Weis Bars has become Aussies’ most popular non-dairy, non-ice cream, ice cream-like bar.

I later learned that the story was wholly untrue.

weis bars

What’s Mightier Than The Sword?

Despite the story being inaccurate, it was catchy. And I am in no way saying to make up stories. It’s just that there’s much to learn from this.

First, the story contained effective elements that proactively answered possible objections to buying the product.

For example, Weis was positioned as a snack alternative to ice cream … especially for lactose intolerant individuals and / or those with health-related concerns.

Pitching that directly might have turned me off … immediately. However, I listened and tuned in. Why?

  • People love and listen to stories in its entirety.
  • Stories disarm.
  • Stories contain morals or messages.
  • Stories are catchy, which make them for easy retelling.

In this case, the creative and caring grandfather softens mistrust among consumers, whose typical default perception is that companies are more concerned with making high profits than providing a quality product.

Visual Storytellers

Photographers are visual storytellers. In one way or another, we depict some version of creative reality through our photographs. While genuine transparency is important, we control what information is distributed.

We utilize our skills to garner trust, attract the right audience, develop content that engages and motivates our audiences. All of these bring me to the topic of social media.

Social media is currently the most successful medium in creating relationships. It allows you to:

  1. Listen to what your target audience is saying.
  2. Create the best content for your prospects.
  3. Engage and ultimately convert prospects into clients.
  4. Evangelize existing clients into becoming your cheer team.
cadel cheer at federation square
Cadel - Winner of 2011 Tour de France is cheered on by fellow Australians at Federation Square, Melbourne.

Long gone are the days when a photographer could make a living with just a camera, an eye for composition and a flair for developing great images. When Canon and Nikon launched digital cameras that everyone could use, good photography alone as a selling point became moot.

Now, social media raises the bar again, and it goes far beyond staying connected with friends. Sounds exciting, right? It is!

What’s Next?

Alas, good storytelling isn’t everything. In fact, it’s barely the surface.

As mentioned in a previous post, I have been working diligently with a talented team at Wiley Press to produce [what I consider the ultimate] book for social media marketing for digital photographers. In fact, that’s what it is called, Social Media Marketing for Digital Photographers … less my “ultimate” bit.

The book will be available in bookstores and Amazon late October. In the coming weeks, I will be sharing lots of insights, which I’m confident will tickle you pink in an intellectual marketing strategy way.

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Lawrence Chan

P.S. A lovely note by Chris Cornwell about my psychology to pricing and packaging e-book.

Got your ebook months ago and now finally get a minute to say THANKS! I redid my COLLECTIONS and managed to book 2 weddings at my highest/ bestest collection! So, thank you : )) Looking to book more in the coming year!

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P.P.P.S. Here’s a lovely photo from my Australian holiday. It’s of the Great Barrier Reef. Now sing with me, “Under the sea…”

australia coral reef