As of this week, Facebook decided to change yet another aspect of its social network. I’m not complaining 😛 It’s generally for the better.

Have you ever seen an ugly Facebook Business or Personal page URL? It might look something like

In the past, Facebook required a minimum of 25 Likes before you could set a vanity URL like Now, you can customize your vanity URL without any Likes.

facebook vanity url

  1. Login to Facebook.
  2. Go to Edit Page or click the following link:
  3. Select the Page you wish to customize.
  4. Enter desired username or vanity URL.
  5. Check availability.
  6. Confirm.

Choose wisely. Once it’s set, it’s set. There is no givesies backsies!

And if you don’t have one, OMG please stop what you’re doing and GRAB ONE … NOW.

Other Stuff …

On another note, Facebook has also increased its picture resolution allowance to 960px wide. Wow. Plus, they have a nice white theater effect; much better than the black one.

Go to my Business page to see the bottom image in theater mode!

bondi beach
Bondi Beach, Australia

Anyway, to see more social media marketing for digital photographers, visit this tag.


Lawrence Chan

P.S. Don’t eat a bowl of chips right before you go surfing … oh the ramifications. On the bright side, unlike Santa Monica Beach, Bondi Beach does not have floating diapers.