Ever see a magazine or poster that catches your attention? For example, “10 Sure Fire Sex Techniques to Blow Your Partner’s Mind.”


Photography is a lot like relationships. Looks attract. Personalities keep. So, before you could share your wonderful content, attract viewers like moths to a light.

As part of any social media program, having catchy titles is critical. The following are 10 sure-fire blog post title templates that work.

[Number] Reasons to [something positive]
Lists work because they’re simple and they give readers a light at the end of the tunnel.


  • 5 Reasons Uncle Bob Should Sit Back and Enjoy the Wedding
  • 8 Ways to Guarantee Cute Baby Pictures

Learn How to [verb] [something]
Whenever you start with “Learn how to,” it means there are nuggets of information being offered in that post.


  • Learn How to Rock Your Senior Photos
  • Learn How to Make Any Event Picturesque

[Positive adjective] [object] and How to Get It
Finding out how to acquire something positive is always welcomed.


  • Sexy Foods and How to Get It
  • Adorable Dogs and How to Get Them to Behave

Is Your [object] Good for [someone or something]?
We always want the best for those we love. Out of concern, posing a possibility of negative effects for a loved one will pique curiosity.


  • Is Your Dog Food Good for Your Pet’s Health?
  • Is the Use of Strobes Good for Your Baby’s Eyes?

[Object(s)] You Won’t Believe
People like to be overwhelmed, so a title like this encourages a click.


  • Landscape Photos You Won’t Believe
  • Babies so Cute You Won’t Believe
sydney opera house
Photo of Sydney Opera House on a quiet evening

Win a(n) [object]
People love to win contests especially if it’s free to enter.


  • Win a Free Headshot Session
  • Win a Free Canvas Print

Amazing [items] Under [low cost]
People love good deals. In the second example, you could showcase all of the foods you photographed with links to the restaurants. While sharing good deals, you’re also sharing what a great food photographer you are.


  • Amazing Baby Bibs Under $20
  • Amazing Foods Under $12
Photo of delicious prosciutto with buffalo cheese taken in Rome, Italy

[Number] Free [object] for [object]
Free is a magical word. In the first example, you could share links for templates all while showcasing your engagement photos.


  • 8 Free Templates for Thank You Cards
  • 12 Free Prints for Your Pet Calendar

[Something hard] Made Simple
People love shortcuts. Who likes to be efficient and save time? I do.


  • Honeymoon Planning Made Simple
  • Car Lighting Made Simple

Amazing [blank] Secrets
Not only is your post about a secret, it’s about an amazing secret. What’s not to love?


  • Amazing Arm Toning Secrets
  • Amazing Landscape Photo Secrets

What’s Next …

Don’t limit yourself to blog post titles. These templates work for other social media channels – Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc.


For more content strategy posts, read here.

Ciao mon ami,

Lawrence Chan

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