Is there a site that you have bookmarked and never missed reading a post? Hopefully, Tofurious makes the cut (insert winky face).

What is it that compels you to return?

Generally speaking, it’s because of good content. Content comes in all forms.

  1. Education
  2. Comedy
  3. Inspiration / Motivation

… or it can be a combination of the three. Can you think of a person or site that fits in each category?

I’m not going to elaborate those here, but there is one general rule for producing awesome content.

Whether it is a blog post, tweet, Facebook update … whatever, write for your readers, not for yourself.

Here’s how … (super tiny excerpt from chapter)

Beneficial Content

There are different types of content. Posting portfolio work of your clients is one method. However, it’s nearly impossible to create so much content unless you’re shooting something everyday, which is why 365-day projects are convenient.

Another method is to write beneficial content for your readers. Below are some examples.

Food Photography
You could showcase all of the foods you photographed with links to the restaurants. While sharing good eats, you’re also sharing what a great food photographer you are.

margarita pizza
Margarita pizza at Opera House Cafe in Sydney

Pet Photography
You can share an article you found about organic foods for dogs. Make sure to post a photo of your dog enjoying its meal. Voila!

Children Photography
Let’s imagine that you found a boutique clothing store for your kids. Share the store address with photos of your kids donning the ensemble.

There are countless ways how you can create content that do not center on paid work that are still excuses to show off your photography … all while creating content worth sharing amongst your readers. If anything, create wallpapers and screensavers for every season!

Despite good content, you still need to attract readers to your posts. Try these 10 Sure-Fire Blog Post Title Templates That Work!


If you have not noticed, I take the stance of education. But I’m not limited to that by any means. I could write a story about triumph over adversity next week (motivation).

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Lawrence Chan

P.S. A lovely note from Russell Climie – a reader of my psychology to pricing and packaging e-book!

P.P.S. Here’s a photo I shot of Layla from yesterday’s Wedding Style Magazine New England party at Cafe Nuovo (Providence, RI). A quick shout out to some lovely photographers I met – Nicole Chan, Melissa, Stephanie and Seth, and Jo!

grace ormonde party