The day before PartnerCon (photography convention hosted by Pictage), Julie and I decided to “workout” at the mall. Being a FourSquare beast, I like to check-in to places and to see what promotions are available. Amongst many, Express clothing had a $60 off of $150. Needless to say, I took a gander.

While I impulsively touched every crisply ironed shirt and squeezed every jacket to test its thickness, I made my way to the pants section. Mm … Photographer Pants, I thought. I’m a photographer. I’m buying these pants.

express pants
Screenshot from

In the grand scheme of things, pants are pants. But these were Photographer Pants, which reminded me of the topic I was presenting on – How to Convey Social Luxury.

partnercon tofurious presentation

Labels Add Value

What we wear and what we do are expressions or extensions of our demeanors. Heard of the saying, “You are what you eat?” Well, “you are what you wear” parallels that concept. For example, someone who wears a sweater around their shoulders is very different from someone who wears a spike-studded leather jacket.

I have a point to this.

By adding a label to your photos, such as a signatory logo or even just your name, adds value. Think about it this way – if Annie Leibovitz photographed your portrait, are you going to ask her to not sign the canvas? Probably not.

A similar situation is buying a Fendi purse and stripping it of its logo. Without a label, it’s just an ordinary purse. Without a label, it’s arguable that a photo is just an ordinary photo.

Here’s me with my Photographer Pantalones!

partnercon tofurious presentation

What’s Your Label?

Labels are added into practically every part of our lives. And this goes beyond just a logo for photos.

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Lawrence Chan

P.S. Real men wear purple … or was that pink? Anyway, I always thought lavender looked pretty cool.

P.P.S. To take my own medicine, I’ve added labels to my photos lol, which I never did in the past because I was too lazy … even though it only took 45 seconds to make a Photoshop Action.

P.P.P.S. Warm thank you to all who came to my talk at PartnerCon xxoo! It was such a pleasure to meet new people and catch up with old friends. Meet my new coffee drinking buddies – the Grays!

zach and jody gray
Photo taken by Zach Gray

P.P.P.P.S. Due to all of the booze at PartnerCon, I want to apologize if I’ve said anything dumb. Here’s a photo from the party at Float (lounge at Hard Rock Hotel) … blue fire on broken glass is sexy.

hard rock hotel float