I’ve seen this viral image several times, but every time’s a hoot.

what success really looks like

I’m not denying that success is the culminating point after many failures and learned lessons. That convoluted hairy mess is quite accurate.

“Success always comes when preparation meets opportunity.”
— Henry Hartman

Personally, I’d like to rephrase it as, “success usually comes when preparation meets opportunity. Anyway, that’s not the entire point of this post.

You Are What You Eat …

You are what you read. You are who you hang around with. Speaking of which, those around you are people who are like you – common interests, shared distastes, mutual whatchamacallit.

Let’s go back to the whole success bit. No one succeeds without failures. Failures coupled with a depressed economy can lead to very negative feelings.

Although having negative emotions is all right, perpetuating it will eventually be seen as an unattractive trait. Who likes to hang around a grouch all day?

I know that it is extremely hard to stay positive if bills are stacking up or people are being annoying.

Feel Good Factor

People are naturally attracted to warm energies. Being positive attracts other positive people. On the contrary, it also attracts haters, so be ready.

feel good factor

I only bring this up because I recently saw a friend blog and tweet about the sh*t going through his / her business and it was unattractive. There are some items that are meant for the public, while others are private.

Despite the giggles we get from seeing the squiggly line in the route-to-success image, let it be a polite reminder to be cool. Storms will always pass.

Stay positive. Attract other positive people. Prepare by learning. Succeed at the opportune moment.

How do you define success? Comment below.


Lawrence Chan

P.S. I define success based on the number of times I get to stimulate my taste buds. Cheers to food! Yeah!

P.P.S. Some kind words from Roberto Valenzuela!

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