Happy new year! This is my first post of 2012. I hope your new year is starting out with lots of love and surprises. We can never get enough of those.

For me, I’ve been catching up on television shows. I’m know that I’m a late bloomer for the following, but I’m all done!

I’ve been obsessed with Mad Men. While many might enjoy the scandals, I love their depiction of history and its discussion of marketing and advertising.

mad men

I’m usually a martini guy, but I even ventured to try an Old Fashioned at a recent lunch. Ah, change!

old fashioned

Anyway, Sex and the City is another winner. I even streamed the first movie on YouTube Movies because I couldn’t wait for the franchise to share it on Netflix (if ever). I wish they were all my BFFs. They would talk about shoes, men and love while I sit and giggle.

sex and the city

One commonality about these two television shows share is that they showcase realistic flaws behind perfect demeanors. We are not perfect. One of my flaws? I eat an insane amount of chocolate.

Jasmine Star Exposed

Last week, my issue of Exposed arrived along with a box of See’s Candies. Like a teen flipping through Tiger Beat, I devoured both with great excitement.

jasmine star exposed magazine

Jasmine Star recently debuted her self-published magazine Exposed, which detailed the beautiful, ugly and fugly facts about her journey starting a new photography business. Despite all of the cow poo she went through, Jasmine still succeeded. I’m so proud of her.

More importantly, what’s really awesome about this magazine is that, although it is a nice compilation of her anecdotes, various sections end with applicable lessons — like how to make a couple comfortable in front of the camera. Really useful tips!

Read Jasmine’s blog.

New Journeys

How will you start your new journey? A new year is a new start. Let’s have some fun. And try not to worry about falling / failing. It’s all part of the adventure. Failure isn’t fatal.

Sending you lots of hugs,

Lawrence Chan

P.S. Boom! I thought I was the only clever person to take pictures of San Francisco’s new year at Treasure Island. Ha. What a foolish thought … there was a ton of people already there way before me.

I was lucky that one SF peep shared his parking space with me (fitted two cars in one spot). Good thing our cars were petite … unlike the dinner I had moments before.

san francisco new year