Remember in grade school when we made heart cutouts and glued them on paper bags? Next, we would tape them on our desks, so that classmates could drop Valentine’s Day notes in them. And then the anxiety began. Who’s going to give what? Even deciding on which candy for you to give away was important; it represented who you were.

So cute … except when someone doesn’t get anything like in the episode of “I Love Lisa” by The Simpsons — Lisa Simpson leaves Ralph Wiggum a “I Choo-Choo-Choose You!” note, which was interpreted incorrectly by Ralph.

In order to avoid a Ralph Wiggum fiasco, download these Valentine’s Day InDesign templates and either print them for loved ones, clients or friends … or send them digital ones!

They are designed for WHCC‘s 7.25″ x 5.25″ card template. You’re welcome to use it for other print labs. All in all, check with them first.

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Download Valentine’s Templates for Free!


Be My Valentine

valentine card template

valentine card template

Chevron Polaroid

Fading Bars

Fading Chevron

Love Birds 1

Love Birds 2

Three Hearts

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Lawrence Chan

P.S. Here’s a fun photo on how to properly eat sushi. Good to know if you have a seafood loving client.