Although it’s debatable between the benefits of a Personal Page versus Like Page for business, I strongly feel that the former still holds great value as we build relationships with clients in an intimate way. For example, Facebook Personal Pages allow you to see clients’ updates whereas a Like Page can only push information outwardly.

In any event, let’s talk about the Ten Commandments of Facebook Personal Pages.

1. Thou shalt not invite everyone on their Friends list to an event.
fb events
I live in the United States, but I get invites to parties — get this — from across the Atlantic Ocean. Does this screenshot qualify his or her efforts? Localize.

Instead, create an event and post it on your Timeline. If it piques interest, people will join.

2. Thou shalt not tag for the sake of viewership.
Don’t upload a photo and tag everyone for the purpose of having them see it or shown on their respective Timelines, especially if they’re not even in the photo.

3. Thou shalt not promote oneself 24/7.
If you can’t produce beneficial content, then share content relevant to your business goal. Go ahead and throw in some funny pictures like cheezburger cat.

4. Thou shalt not complain 24/7.
Splendid. For the 3rd week in a row, you have insomnia. Repeating it won’t make it go away.

I know that life sometimes stinks. We will console you. Ultimately, focus on feel good factors.

chinese chess

5. Thou shalt not invite everyone to Like your Page.
If you have a Page, good.

Create some worthwhile content and tag yourself, so that it’ll enter people’s newsfeeds. If viewers are curious enough, they’ll explore. Forcing invitation of your Page to everyone is annoying.

Here’s another idea: host a giveaway.

6. Thou shalt not invite all Friends to play a game.

7. Thou shalt not request all Friends to use an application.
Another negative.

8. Thou shalt not mass email everyone on his or her Friends list.
We hate spam. Even Spam Musubi isn’t that appealing … Why do it on Facebook?

fb mass email

9. Thou shalt not invite people to Groups without their knowing.
The perfect way to wake up in the morning is to realize that you’re unknowingly part of an active Facebook Group, so it plugs up your real notifications.

10. Thou shalt not update every hour.
Thanks for letting everyone know that you’re at the supermarket via FourSquare. And then at home. Followed by a visit to a burger joint. Next, a pit stop at Starbucks. And so forth …

Bottom line? Be considerate.
Facebook is always evolving, so this list will inevitably evolve. Just don’t do things you don’t think is cool.

I’m not complaining. I’m saving whomever face. I still quietly and diligently unfollow Groups I was forced into. I still quietly and diligently untag myself from photos that have no relationship to me. I still quietly and diligently …

Alas, not everyone is like me. The aforementioned actions could really upset others — like a permanent ban.

Saving people from trouble,

Lawrence Chan

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P.P.S. If any of these have happened to you, share.

P.P.P.S. Did I miss anything?

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