I was born and raised in Los Angeles where traffic is inevitable, smog is ubiquitous and we all speak a bit of Spanish.

With California’s contiguous border with Mexico, I’ve been spoiled with Mexican flavors. I can’t tell you how much I love tacos, tamales and their imported beer.

… Modelo Especial the No. 3 imported beer behind Corona and Heineken. According to market research … Modelo Especial posted a 19% gain in dollar sales in 2011, enough to pass Bud Light Lime as the 14th-largest beer brand in the U.S.

Up to this point, Modelo Especial’s growth has been achieved with a limited marketing presence.
USA Today

It’s pretty clear that Model Especial’s success is driven largely by its growing immediate target audience – Mexican Americans. Putting tastes aside, we haven’t even talked about brand influences.

Take Pepsi for example. Although they target the youth generation, older folks drink it to feel youthful. So, even I — an Asian American — will drink Modelo when hanging with my buds to feel more Mexican-y.

donald mexico

This is the same as how it’s no coincidence that President Obama is targeting youths with episodes on Discovery Channel’s Mythbusters. While that might seem strange for our executive officer to be there, he’s merely fishing where the fish are.

So, considering your own businesses, what is the trend for your target audiences? Where are they flocking? Be sure to ask yourself why you’re creating another social media page. And don’t say because everyone else is.

Mm … fish,

Lawrence Chan

P.S. Speaking of fish, I had a delicious dover sole at Joe’s in Las Vegas as a celebration after my WPPI 2012 presentation.

wppi 2012

dover sole

My favorite drink is a Chopin Martini slightly dirty. It’s not quite James Bond, but it’ll suffice.

joes martini