On February 29, 2012, Facebook rolled out their new Like Pages. If you haven’t converted over, it will be mandated by March 30, 2012.

If you have gone through the tutorial, then you should be acquainted with the updates. However, I’m going to add my own insights to each section:

  • Branding
  • Analytics
  • Messaging


There are a number of areas that have changed including the rules and condition. Please read carefully.

Cover Photo

The cover photo is probably the most obvious update of them all. It precedes your Timeline, so it’s important to have your brand message speak loudly and clearly.

  • Dimensions: 850px by 315px
  • Be sure to review the Page guidelines. There are important things that you must not do, such as “40% off” or “Tell Your Friends.”

facebook cover image

This is where you can be creative without being too sale-sy. Yes, I made that word up.

Profile Picture

No more long vertical images. It is now a square that sits on the bottom left corner of your banner. Be creative and add something that represents you.

facebook profile picture

I talk about humanizing a brand all of the time. One of the most important features is to have your own profile (not a photo of a flower, client or kid).

This is one of the reasons why I believe Siri is so popular – she’s a person – while other voice command systems failed.

About Page

Before, the About Page was on the left column. Now, it’s prominently under your Profile Picture. Get creative!

No More Landing Tab

This is one of everyone’s disappointments. Don’t worry, they still have the Like, then reveal (fan gating) capabilities.

Therefore, it puts more emphasis on your Cover Photo to make your Page clear as possible. In exchange, Facebook does have certain Timeline features that can help promote your brand better. Read on.

Separate Page for Custom Apps

Custom apps are now on separate pages. If you already have one, they put it right in the center now, so that it’s pretty. You’re limited to 12 apps on your page.

  • Old Dimension: 520px wide
  • New Dimension: 810px wide

facebook custom apps


Since we don’t have Landing Pages, it’s important that your Timeline reflects your brand.

One nifty feature is pinning posts, so that it will stick to the top of your Timeline. This way a cool post won’t be drowned in a Wall of updates.

facebook pin


Highlight is a cool way to, well, highlight a post. Rather than making it float on the left or right side of a Timeline, it expands across the Timeline’s full width. It definitely adds attention to important updates.

facebook highlight


Facebook combined most of the important Analytics all into one section above your Timeline – Notifications, New Likes, Insights. No one can see it except for you.

facebook analytics

Engaged Users

facebook metrics One overlooked feature about Facebook Insights is Engaged Users. I’m not talking about just looking at the number. If you click on the number of Engaged Users, it’ll show you how many people gave “negative feedback.”

A Negative Feedback is not an Unlike. It’s just as bad though. It’s when people decide to hide your posts. So, use this as a measure to see what posts work and what posts don’t.

To see your Insights, follow these instructions:

  1. Go view Insights.
  2. Hit “See All.”
  3. Under the graph, find the fourth column – Engaged Users.
  4. Find the individual Post you want to examine and click on the number of Engaged Users.
  5. A window should pop up with the information you need.


facebook messages In the past, Brand Like Pages cannot message people and vice versa. You had to have a Personal Page to do so.

Now, you can directly communicate with Like Pages. If you choose to not have this feature on, you could turn it off.


Overall, there are a lot of updates, but I welcome new changes. Facebook is always trying to improve. I’ll always write about updates on social media marketing. So, be a smart photographer and keep up!

Do you like the changes? Comment below. And if you found this useful, share!

Ciao for now,

Lawrence Chan

P.S. I just discovered a card game and I’ve been obsessed with it. Monopoly Deal card game is so freaken awesome! That is all.