About a month ago, I had a conversation with Mike Hanline at SXSW regarding Instagram and how we use it more than other platforms while traveling. It’s quick, easy and visual.

So, if I loaded a photo (or link) on one platform, should I repeat it on all of them?

What if someone sought to follow you on all of your sharing platforms? Wouldn’t it be tiresome if they saw the same messages repeated and in the same exact ways? I get it though. Some follow you here, while others there.

Plus, it’s especially easy and more convenient to repeat on sharing apps like Hootsuite, Buffer and Ping.fm.

However, let’s look at this “Social Media Explained” meme. We laugh and share it, but there’s wisdom behind the photo.

social media explained

Be Conscious and Deliberate

Share selectively. Some links or photos do not need to be shared on all platforms. Each platform has different features. And I implore you to use them accordingly. I’m not going to get into this here; in fact, I had to write an entire book on it.

Reward followers. If someone followed you on all platforms and realized that you only shared, let’s say, a photo on Instagram and nowhere else, what a treat! It’s something special that is privy to only those on that platform. Suckers who aren’t on it get left out.

Introduce differently. I understand how you might have all sorts of followers everywhere. Think about introducing the subject matters differently. Change up the introduction. Or …

Change the call to action. What is it that you expect users to do when they receive a message? Decide how you want them to react.

Vary the timing. Another approach is to stagger the posting. Since not everyone reads every tweet anyway, feel free to share on different platforms at different times. Or combine with any of the aforementioned to make it more unique.

What Do You Think?

There is no right or wrong answer. It’s all dependent on your social media goals. So, now that you are more wise in sharing, feel free to share this article with friends through selective platforms. πŸ™‚


Lawrence Chan

P.S. Off to Miami for a wedding. It’s going to be a stormy 80 degrees … sounds oxymoronic.

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