Hello all,

I have made a number of updates on the Pinterest Plugin since the version released two days ago 😛 Users emailed me about suggestions and I’ve implemented them all thus far. You’re welcome to leave feedback here.

Change Log for Version 1.7

1. Plugin reads file URL instead of WP Image Tag. This is particularly convenient for those who have themes with “Insert All Photos” feature and for photographers who like to upload the photos via FTP.

2. You may now add custom Pinterest Descriptions. By default, it would use your blog post title.

3. You can hide Pins for your main / Index page.


If you have the plugin activated, there will be a message above the dashboard with a link as to where you can download the plugin.

To update:

  1. Deactivate the current plugin
  2. Delete the current plugin
  3. Add the new plugin
  4. Activate the new plugin

All of your changes should remain intact – buttons, settings, etc.