I like to watch television while I exercise; it helps pass the time. And for the most part, the television show cannot be of something of great interest. Otherwise, I’d stop exercising entirely to soak everything in.

Yesterday, I came up on a documentary on Hitler, World War II and the Aryan race. While I was doing some arm curls, I contemplated about the animosity Hitler created in pursuit of a pure race. Despite it being completely folly, it’s not very different from today’s social paradigms.

It’s so easy to hate and there are so many outlets to do it through too. Using Hitler as an example, even if there was a pure Aryan race, I’m sure sure that there will still be segregation in some sort – curly hair vs. straight hair, freckles vs. non-freckles, blue vs. bluer eyes …

smiling is my favorite exercise

Being a marketing blog, here is an advice for photographers.

We Sometimes Forget to Smile

Smiling is tantamount to success. But we quickly forget to smile when checking our photos on the camera …

For example, some scenarios can have challenging lighting. So, we have to take test shots. While it’s a great feeling to nail it on the first exposure, it doesn’t always happen.

So, when we frown at our own wrong calibrations, clients see. Our dissatisfaction could mean a number of things to them – What’s wrong? Did I blink? Do I look ugly in that picture? What’s wrong? What’s wrong? What’s wrong … WITH ME?

Early on, I made it a conscious decision to smile when looking at my LCD even if the exposure was completely wonky. Their confidence in themselves is just as important as their confidence in me.

Smile more,

Lawrence Chan

P.S. Buddy is happy to see me!

buddy smiling