While it would be nice to be able to trust everybody in the world, I assure you that that isn’t the case. Alas, the moment you have something someone else doesn’t have, he or she will want to take it.

The solution is to protect yourself — even from second shooters. This contract is the one I use whenever I have assistants helping me at commercial, editorial, wedding and et al shoots.

This grants you the following:

  • Ownership of photo or video footage copyright with no restriction
  • Grant Agent (second shooter) permission to use for portfolio (you may change if you want)
  • Agent will not produce unlawful materials and so forth
  • Agent will not hold you liable should his/her works constitute a breach

I’m not a lawyer, so I advise you to inspect it to your satisfaction before using. I am not liable for your usage.

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Yours truly,

Lawrence Chan