One day, I saw the coolest product on television. I knew that I had to have it. So, I scoured the entire web to find the website. Brutal.

Eventually, I found the website. Whew. However, after click after click after click, I could not order the dang thing! I was almost begging them to take my money in exchange for a cool thingymabob. After what seemed like an hour of frustration, I threw my laptop against the wall and roared my displeasure.


Okay. Obviously that was made up, but I have a point to this story.

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Clicks of Death

Recently I discovered a cool WordPress plugin shared by Curtis Moore. It’s called Infinite Scroll.

You know how a blog will have users click to view “previous posts” and etc.? Well, it loads more posts as you near the bottom. I installed it on my photography site for as an example.

infinite scroll

The less clicks, the better. Make finding things easier.

Speaking of which, this is why I like calls to action under each post.

Similarly, that’s why my blog themes have a static scroll for the menu bar. Always easily accessible!

So, check out Infinite Scroll and consider removing a step or two for users to get the prize! In terms for photography websites, users want to see more photos without having to click “next” and wait for an entire page to load … or to even leave the page that they’re on.


Lawrence Chan

P.S. Exciting news for Wedding Style Magazine! Due to a surfeit of submissions, they decided to launch a digital edition. Check out a preview here.

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