facebook adsA few weeks ago when Facebook launched their promoted posts, I asked what others thought of it.

At first, I wasn’t so enticed. I thought it was going to appear as another Facebook ad on the right column. Ads in general have an ulterior motive.

While testing it out, I quite liked it! And here’s why …

Facebook Promoted Posts

First and foremost, it appears in the newsfeed like any other post. The only thing that discerns it from other posts is the tiny “sponsored” words at the bottom. So, readers will probably welcome it more willingly.

Also, it’s only pushed to those who have already Liked your Page; not to random strangers. Some people have hundreds of friends and not everything makes it into their feeds. This increases the chance for subscribers to see the content from Pages they’ve Liked in the past.

facebook promoted posts

Next, Facebook installed some neat stats built right into the Promoted Posts themselves. You could see how many were organic, viral or paid. Additionally, the paid sponsorship will automatically deduct until the budget is spent.

facebook promoted posts

Lastly, it’ll show you the percentage of your reach between organic and paid.

facebook promoted posts

Pretty neat, right? For more information about Facebook Promoted Posts, you can read about it here.

Therefore, in the event that you need to get more exposure (e.g., contest, portrait discount, holiday reminders), choose a highly visual post and give it a shot. One last note, this Facebook Promote feature only works for Pages with 400-100,000 Likes.

Hope you enjoyed the insight of how it works!


Lawrence Chan

P.S. Summer is officially here! And so are my organic tomatoes! Soon, there will also be mint, cucumbers, lettuce, celery, onion, and many others.

tomato garden