Away for vacation, in a different time zone, or just want to sleep in? Well, Facebook allows you to schedule posts, so that maintaining relevancy couldn’t be easier.

In another post, I talked about about how Facebook is now a Timeline (and more) – whereas all posts are pinned to a timeline of origin.

As part of this Timeline feature, Facebook allows you to pre-date posts (e.g., milestones in the past) and schedule posts in advance!

Scheduling Posts

There are third party programs like Hootsuite and Tweetdeck that offer similar services, but Facebook Scheduling has advantages.

  1. Facebook Scheduling allows you to tag companies / Pages.
  2. Facebook Scheduling allows you to upload photos.
  3. Facebook Scheduling allows you to backdate content

Let’s get started. Hit the schedule button on the bottom left of a post box.

facebook scheduled posts

If you have not set when you were created (born, founded, started, opened or launched), you must do so lest your posts be a scatter on your Timeline.

facebook scheduled posts

Set a date that proceeds the current moment.

scheduled facebook posts

Don’t be alarmed if the post disappears after you schedule. It’s still there; just hidden from the current Timeline. In order to see it, select “Use Activity Log” to see it in your Admin Panel.

scheduled facebook posts

You will find your Scheduled Post and three options – change the time to post, publish now or cancel the post.

scheduled facebook posts

That’s it!

So, sit back. Relax. Open a bottle of Corona and let technology take care of you.

Pamper yourself,

Lawrence Chan

P.S. A lovely note by Chris Cornwell about my psychology to pricing and packaging e-book.

Got your ebook months ago and now finally get a minute to say THANKS! I redid my COLLECTIONS and managed to book 2 weddings at my highest/ bestest collection! So, thank you : )) Looking to book more in the coming year!

P.P.S. Don’t over pamper or you’ll end up drunk with Homer Simpson. This photo was taken in New Orleans, Louisiana.

drunk with homer simpson