Ever fudge up on a Facebook comment? Well, worry no more.

  • You can now edit your own comments.
  • You can see the edits your readers have made! (no, you cannot edit their comments)

To edit a comment you have made, simply click on the pencil button to edit.

facebook edit comments

If one of your readers have made a change to their comment, it will read Edited in grey. You can click on it to see what changes he / she has made. Pretty nifty, right?

facebook edit comments

Now, feel free to be reckless and have all of the Freudian Slips you want.

Yours truly,

Lawrence Chan

P.S. Isn’t this one of the coolest chandeliers you’ve ever seen? I was doing an editorial photo shoot in Los Angeles and came upon this at the host’s warehouse. Wicked prop.

chandelier of limbs