The last time I was in Netherlands, I ate cheese, wore clogs, biked the town and put Mayonnaise on French fries.

wooden dutch clogs

In February 2013, in addition to doing all of the touristy things again, Anouschka Rokebrand invited me to speak at the Dutch Wedding Congress – where wedding professionals meet, inspire and create.

dutch wedding congress

Join me and other professionals in a conference full of learning! I will be speaking about one of my favorite topics – brand evangelism – which I’ve only shared once at my packed Platform Class during WPPI 2012.

Lawrence, known in the social media world as Tofurious, knows the importance of engaging with your audience through an online presence. But, what if you don’t have an audience? Or what if you do and want to expand it?

Learn powerful strategies and the psychological triggers involved in creating brand supporters who trust you and want to tell others about your business. Ultimately, people hire those whom they like and know. Go beyond word-of-mouth marketing and give yourself a voice online.

On Day 2, I will host a small workshop with the attendees on the psychological triggers behind pricing and packaging. Awesome stuff.

wppi 2012

Hope to see you there! French fries on me.


Lawrence Chan

P.S. I also intend to visit Anne Frank’s House. Last time, I was too impatient to wait in line. This round I will camp outside like during the debut of a new Apple product.