Whether it be advertisements, photos or statements, the goal is to stop viewers in their tracks.

Media has bombarded our senses, thus desensitizing us to … everything. Our attention span is equivalent to that of a 5 year old, which is why I should get to the point.

There are several strategies. Even as a blogging tip, break apart large blocks of text. The list goes on, but below are two powerful techniques.


I talked about the increased priority for eye candy, but don’t dismiss it as duh just add more photos.

You can use visual as a call to action! Check out what Starbucks did here.

fb starbucks facebook call to action

Are you trying to promote a Spring Sale or new promotion? Merely posting it in text is soooo 2011.


Isn’t engagement the name of the game? How do you interact with your clients? Here’s a tip – ask a question … or do what TNT did.

While you may not have the budget (or the resources from a team of designers), you can take baby steps in approaching an interactive whatever you want.

For example, I mentioned it in my book that you could promote brand evangelism as simply as creating a button on a wedding photography website Edgy Brides Click Here or Leave.

Whatever it may be, don’t be another “thing” people glance over. Hopefully, you didn’t glance over the text above *smirk

Happy Thursday,

Lawrence Chan

P.S. Last night, I watched Les Miserables the musical, which was awesome. I’ve seen a lot of theater productions, but this one was wow … so moving. Go watch it!

les miserables musical

P.P.S. A lovely note by Gian about my pricing psychology e-book.

gian testimonial