In the spirit of the 2012 Olympic Games, which has consumed my every waking minute, I am overwhelmed by the insurmountable skill and tenacity. These competitors work really hard.

olympics - field hockey

While I am enthralled by their zeal, I came to thinking about the idea of passion versus diligence.

Could someone be passionate about something he or she is not good at? Would you exert the same amount of attention to a skill or craft if you were just okay … subpar, or worse, terrible?

I only ask this question because passions change or evolve with time. So, isn’t it possible to control our destinies (or direction of our companies) if we simply hone our skills and build knowledge in areas of interest?

Conversely, Heather Frackiewicz left a lovely comment expounding on the need for fun. That is how she defines passion.

As you can see from my avatar, I play hockey. I’m not all that good at it. I’m usually one of the slowest people out there, and I’ve never scored a real goal in my life (yeah, I got one where it just tipped in off my stick – but that wasn’t really MINE in the way you usually think of it).

I’m still a beginner, and maybe someday I’ll be OK at it. But I love playing, and so I keep showing up at the rink, plugging away at it.

If I ever stop having fun, I’ll stop playing. Until then, I’ll go out on the ice and give it my best shot, even though any chances of me getting drafted by the NHL were over even before I was born!

How do you define passion?

Lawrence Chan

P.S. Playing my own Devil’s advocate, I am a terrible farmer. I probably killed off 50% of my crops, yet I continue to pour money into building the perfect organic garden. Am I just hard headed or truly passionate?