To be honest, there’s no such thing as perfect, but here are some universal tips.

Always Add a Photo

Photos stand out in a newsfeed. In fact, you can use it as a call to action or a means to deliver a message.

facebook disney call to action

Do Not Write Big Blocks of Text

First, it makes reading extremely difficult. Secondly, you don’t want your message to be truncated. Facebook automatically shortens lengthy posts with a “See More” or “Continue Reading” link.

facebook too long post

Ask a Question for Increased Engagement

All posts are an opportunity for people to interact with you. So, avoid one-directional blasts of information and ask for feedback once in a while. For example, “Which is your favorite dress?”

Shorten Links

Full-length links take up space. And people try to decipher the permalink.

Plus, you could use a stat counter like or to see how many people click. Always measure your efforts!

Add a Breaker

Lastly, by adding a breaker, the link won’t be jumbled up with the block of text above.

Below is an example of what I consider the perfect Facebook post.

fb - victoria secret engagement

Victoria’s Secret:

  1. posed a question
  2. called you to act via shop
  3. abbreviated the link
  4. used a large vertical image to get your attention


There’s a difference between sharing a link to a blog post and sharing a photo with a link.

If you’re obsessed with the counter for the number of Likes on your blog post, then you must share a link. Engagement with a photo (with a link) does not add to the counted total.

In any event, remember that Facebook and social media in general change all of the time, so always be keen to adapt.

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professional photographers facebook strategy handbook