Okay. Maybe bragging is a strong word. Let’s try asserting.

If you always have time to discuss how passionate you are, you probably aren’t.
-Lee Clow

Passion is one thing; due attention is another. Alas, there are countless artists who are passionate, but unrecognized. Are you one of them?

In most instances, no one likes a braggart. I hold self-deprecating yet highly accomplished people in great esteem. Those are the ones that let action speak louder than words.


But what happens if your actions aren’t loud enough? Or what if they’re being drowned out by other louder people? Being an artist myself, I enjoy the frivolousness of creativity. However, it’s not going to bring home the bacon — even soy bacon for my vegetarian readers.

Most people are missing the third step of these cliches.

  1. Walk the walk.
  2. Talk the talk.
  3. Talk the walk.

Talking about what you do is merely giving your art the attention its due. So, dust off those accolades and start framing your portfolio work. They all have great stories. And you know what? People enjoy hearing stories. Give them that honor.

All in all, this is like walking on a tight rope. It requires balance. Too much in either direction and you’ll fall into unrecognition or bragging. Don’t worry though. There’s always a net to catch you. Learn from your mistakes and try again.

Your biggest supporter,

Lawrence Chan

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