Ever wonder why not everyone gets your Facebook updates? For example, I have over 8k Likes, but my average update is viewed by roughly 3k people.

facebook exposure

Sort of like SEO for search engines, Facebook has something called EdgeRank. Imagine someone with hundreds or thousands of friends / Likes. How can this person possibly read everything? Well, EdgeRank’s goal is to put only what they deem to be the most important content into his or her feed.

It’s essentially broken down into three sections.

  1. Affinity Score
  2. Weight
  3. Time Decay

I went into some detail in my social media marketing book, but this infographic by CopyPress is a fun illustration of the main points.

facebook edgerank

Now that you understand, make sure to create fun and relatable posts to maximize exposure.


Lawrence Chan

P.S. Saw this fun cartoon of photographers and superpower. Pin it if you have a superpower too!

photographer superpower