Have you ever Googled to see where you rank? We all have. A lot of times, we might even be #1, but it’s all a lie!

seo lies

I’m not really on the first page of image search results for “photography.” That’s nearly impossible. Notice how I have “650 personal results” integrated into this query?

For such a global search term, it’s usually reserved for Wikipedia or sites of that caliber.

Skewed Search Results

Google uses different measurers aside from PageRank to judge a website’s relevancy. Recently, they’ve integrated their Google Plus results.

If you’re logged into Google Plus (basically if you’re logged into Gmail or any other Google services), your search results will be skewed.

Google has integrated components from your Google social network into your search results. Using the earlier photo example, I, along with other peers in my network, will be on the first page of Google because they’re deemed more relevant to me.

So this poses two issues.

  1. How to Find Accurate Search Results
  2. How to Be a Part of a Bigger Network

How to Find Accurate Search Results

For an unbiased view, you must go into Private Mode. Each browser might have a different name. By entering Private Mode, it logs you out of all social media websites, removes all cache, removes all cookies (files that tracks your browsing habits), and so forth. It’s as if you’re viewing from a freshly installed browser.

Below are some of the names for various browsers. You will find these options in the browser menu.

  • Google Chrome: Incognito Window
  • Firefox: Private Browsing Window
  • Safari: Private Browsing Window
  • Internet Explorer: Private Browsing Mode

chrome incognito

How to Be a Part of a Bigger Network

Google prioritizes their own social network (Google+), so your goal is to have other people to be in that circle. The easiest way is to install Google +1 buttons. I have a tutorial here.

This goes without saying that the bigger the net, the more fish you’ll catch. However, make sure that you don’t waste your energy on trying to be on every social network. Focus on what works. And if you want to be on Google, this might be a priority.

Kind Words

In 2009, I hosted a nationwide workshop tour for SEO strategies. Since then, search engines have made many updates of which I included in an e-book; coupled with more advanced strategies. Here is a testimonial from my 2009 workshop.

Google accurately.

Lawrence Chan

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