Like Facebook Timeline banners, Twitter just updated their aesthetics by adding Twitter Profiles!

Unlike Facebook’s rules, Twitter is pretty lax – just the normal restrictions on impersonation and etc.

Here are some clever twitter header images. Instructions on customizations below.

clever twitter header image

clever twitter header image

clever twitter header image

It applies to mobile and iPad / tablet as well!

twitter profile mobile

Customize Header Image

1. Go to settings.

customize twitter header

2. Click on Design on the left.

customize twitter header

3. Upload a 1252×626 image at 72 DPI. I tried higher DPIs and it didn’t work (unlike background which allows it).

Just note that the final version has a light black mask over the image, so that the white profile text will pop. While keeping that in mind, either brighten the image to compensate or make due.

customize twitter header

That’s it!

Lawrence Chan

P.S. Remember that social is only 1/3 of the potential traffic. Search and word of mouth are the other two, so don’t neglect them.