Facebook is adding a new feature – Offers – in addition to its conventional ads and promoted posts.

facebook offers

Unlike Groupon, which is encouraged by group participation “The Deal Is On,” Facebook Offers is individually targeted.

Users may redeem an offer without having Liked a page. The advertising feature is geared to promote your Offer to your fans and friends of fans. Below are the steps to activate your offer. As a promotion, Facebook is giving $10 free credit!

facebook offers

1. Redemption

Depending on how you run your ads, you can give a coupon code or link to where he or she can print a coupon (and bring it into a store).

facebook offers

2. Create Promotion and Parameters

Upload a compelling thumbnail and write a short statement. Focus on using attractive words like, “free” or “% off.”

Next, set a limit on the number of offers.

facebook offers

3. Set Expiration

Set an expiration. Otherwise, it will automatically expire when your budget is exhausted (next step).

facebook offers

4. Preview

What you see in the preview is exactly what is going to be displayed in people’s feeds.

facebook offers

5. Set Budget

As mentioned earlier, this budget covers those who have Liked your page and their friends. The goal is to promote to those who don’t know you through the people who already do.

facebook offers

Don’t forget to set other parameters with their new targeting system.

Once redeemed, users will be sent the coupon through their primary email registered.

For more information, visit their Facebook’s official page.

Good luck!

Lawrence Chan

P.S. Everyone is picking up their iPhone 5s today. I’m so jealous.

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