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Four years and 299 posts later, I asked you all on Facebook and Twitter what it is you want me to write about for my 300th post. I was expecting a question about business marketing, but surprisingly none were even close.

The unanimous suggestion was by Jennifer Danelle Williams.
jennifer danelle williams

I had to mull this question for a while since I’ve had a number of fond memories. However, one that stuck out was when I decided to make the full leap into photography as a business.

pikachuLike many of you, I started photography as a hobby. At the time, I used a Canon Rebel XT. And every time I took a photo, the camera gave off a little sneeze.

It wasn’t a loud, “achoo!” It was more like “acheet.” If Pikachu sneezed, that’s what it would probably sound like.

After shooting a few weddings and saving up some money, I invested into a Canon 20D. The packaging was so pretty. I recall carefully removing the seals and unboxing my first “serious” camera.

The camera had a solid magnesium alloy chasis. After inserting the battery, I pulled the trigger. “Clack.” I nodded. “That’s right.” That’s exactly how a camera should sound like. Now, I looked and sounded like a pro.

It was difficult to part from my XT. That camera allowed me to test the difference between green square, running man and flower. It was like saying bye to my highly allergic sneezing friend. What was even more difficult was making the upgrade. The cost of a 20D was not cheap at the time.

In the end, I am happy with that decision. Photography has been very fulfilling. Now, I never separate from my camera. My Canon 1D MIV is an extension of myself.

You might have had a similar experience where you jumped into the unknowing. It’s scary, I know. But the adventure can be rewarding. Comment below what the scariest, yet best decision you ever made.

Yours truly,

Lawrence Chan

P.S. Sometimes your world is upside down. And that isn’t always a bad thing.

upside down

P.P.S. I had the pleasure of photographing NYC Bridal Fashion Week for Grace Ormonde Wedding Style. Here’s one of my favorites of Reem Acra’s delicate balance of the old and the new.

reem acra