In June 2012, Facebook released Promoted Posts. I admit that I love this feature!

As mentioned in my previous article, Promoted Posts don’t appear in the sidebar where other advertisements dwell. They appear right in the Newsfeed.

This feature was strictly for Like Pages. Now, they’re available for Personal Profiles.

facebook personal page promoted posts

Procedurally, it’s about the same as a Like Page. However, there are some pros and cons.


It’s advantageous to use a Personal Page because … well, it’s more personal. On a subconscious level, a business page already poses ulterior motives.

Additionally, people already subscribe to your feed for inspiration, personal updates and good laughs. So, a promoted post can slip right in.


There are many things that a Like Page allows you to do that a Personal Page does not. One of the biggest features is Insights — sort of like Google Analytics for Facebook. It tells you how effective a post was among other information.

The second and most obvious disadvantage is that a Personal Page is supposed to be personal. Promoting business related things can lead to removal of your profile. That can be bad.

Ultimately, use with discretion and prudence.


Lawrence Chan