Have you ever relied on something so much that you cannot imagine operating without it? Well, in many people’s cases, that is Facebook … and Chipotle for my lunch.

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Now, what were to happen if your most relied tool turned its back on you? I’m not suggesting some sci-fi movie where a ghoulish toilet comes to life to bite you on the butt when you’re sitting on the throne.

With Facebook, it’s practically the same. Users’ posts are not reaching the same amount of people as they did in the past. And that has many angered.

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Facebook’s reasoning is that they’re adjusting their EdgeRank algorithm — sort of like Google’s PageRank — to determine which posts are most important to users. However, it’s really a sneaky way to limit your reach, so that you’d be forced to advertise.

Safeguard Your Most Valuable Asset

If you think about it, what is it that is most valuable to any business? Its audience. In this case, its readers … or access to them.

Some steps to bulletproof your efforts are to

  • get a self-hosted blog
  • create an email list

A self-hosted blog is similar to owning a house. There are no unruly landlords who want to kick you out or change the terms and conditions every year. You could do whatever you want to it.

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There are some setbacks for sure. You’ll need to program, pay for hosting, troubleshoot your own problems just as how you’ll need to fix your own plumbing. However, the peace of mind is worth it.

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Next, an email list is paramount. I don’t care if Facebook becomes an unviable option. I don’t care if Twitter becomes obsolete. If any of these tragedies should occur, I have an email list I could use to inform my readers of any new medium I should adopt.

Some people find email lists to be archaic. Well, maybe. But it’s the most direct way I know of to someone (second to a text message or phone call). It’s rare that someone leaves an email unread. Plus, most people have a smartphone, which has their email account(s) installed.

I use Aweber and you can subscribe here for free fortune cookies like this post.

Further Reading

Personally, I love Facebook. They’re a company and they need to make money. It’s still the best platform out there.

The problem is that we had it pretty good (or so we thought even though we never reached even close to 100% of our subscribers). The moment they take away a small part of our already limited reach, we cry. This psychological phenomenon is called loss aversion (don’t let your customers feel this).

I believe in integrated strategies. I also believe in covering your butt. I dedicated a whole chapter to this in my social media marketing book.

Much love,

Lawrence Chan

P.S. East coast peeps, please be safe. Stay warm, read a book with a flashlight and eat lots of snacks. Pretend that you’re camping. Hurricane Sandy will pass.