Want to look legit on Pinterest with a little checkmark just like how Twitter has verified accounts?

Verifying your website lets people see the full URL on your profile and in search results.

Follow the steps below.

It does require you to upload a file to your root folder (generally your public_html folder) server, so if you’re unfamiliar, please contact your web admin.

Below are three easy steps!

1. Go to settings. You can access your settings with this link.

verify pinterest

2. Click on “Verify Website.” It’s located right under your location.

verify pinterest

3. Upload and verify file. You will download a unique HTML file. You have to upload it to your root folder (not in a sub-folder). For example, mine is http://www.tofurious.com/pinterest-f2a37.html (cannot be tofurious.com/subfolder/pinterest…html).

When done, verify.

verify pinterest

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Lawrence Chan

P.S. What an eventful day! No matter your political preference, it’s time to support and celebrate our new nation’s leader. Congratulations, Obama!

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