I’ve mentioned a number of times the importance of clarity. If you’re not clear about your specialization, neither will your clients. If they’re not clear, how will they sing your praises?

Over the weekend, I came across an article about a guy who sells suspenders. Totally niche market … I mean, how many people wear suspenders nowadays? Aside from our grandparents and hipsters, the market is obsolete. While small, Herman (the owner of a suspender company) owned that tiny little industry.

steve urkel hipster

Herman’s devotion to suspenders — and the 1% of the population he says wears suspenders — that he has turned them into an unlikely and thriving business. About 2,400 stores nationwide sell his suspenders … Herman expects to bring in about $2 million this year.
USA Today

Not so small now, right? Herman became the Suspenders Man. So, the question at hand is what niche are you owning?


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Okay, now I’m going to quote myself to save me the energy of having to rephrase the following.

The more you slice the market to define your position, the smaller your pool of potential clients gets—but the more market share you’ll potentially own in that niche. Of course, how well you can deliver on your promise will ultimately determine your success, but that’s a whole different issue.
— Myself, Social Media Marketing for Photographers

All in all, it’s okay to sacrifice. It’s a scary thing, I know. In the end, the more clear you become, the more likely you’ll be able to succeed. Considering 2013 is around the corner, it’s a good time to make some strategic plans.

Hope your Thanksgiving was awesome,

Lawrence Chan

P.S. For #movember, I grew out my beard. Cool, huh?