A couple of nights, I had a traumatic moment. If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you might have seen my post about getting my stomach pumped.

I just drank a full gulp of my gym’s pool water. I feel as if I need my stomach pumped; maybe even a blood transfusion.
Facebook Post

I was on my first lap when the band for my goggles snapped. Unlike Michael Phelps, I yelped like a puppy. The only problem was that yelping under water invited mouthfuls of unwanted chlorine (and apparently other elements according to the responses on Facebook).

bondi beach

When I got home, I nursed my wounded conscience with a cappuccino and television. I came across a commercial from H&R Block that epitomized my question — does gear matter?

As a photographer, I understand the relevance of the artist. However, many argue that a great artist could be handed any camera (even disposable) and be able to create great art. Do you think Michelangelo would have been able to paint the ceiling of Sistine Chapel with broken brushes?

These Firenze (Florence, Italy) street artists did a wonderful job with limited tools.

florence street art

Arguably, finger painting is rather effective even in small details.

So, would it have made a difference if I had better goggles? Maybe. Personally, I believe that good gear does not necessarily make a good artist. However, it sure make the transition from amateur to professional a lot easier. So, if you don’t have the gear, rent.

What are your thoughts? Does gear matter?

Lawrence Chan

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