One week ago, Jasmine Star texted me to see whether I was free to come onto creativeLIVE with her for a small segment on SEO (search engine optimization). Needless to say, I said YES.

Immediately, I switched some engagements around and came home early from my consulting work in Boston. I flew home the evening before, so that I could get on the morning flight to Seattle in order to acclimate to west coast time. Unfortunately, moments before being on live, all my efforts for acclimation went out the window.

I was unbelievably nervous. Jasmine’s husband, JD, even gave me some liquid pep talk. But the ultimate comfort came from knowing that Jasmine has been a long time friend. Her sweet and humorous demeanor washed away all of my fears.

creative live jasmine star

In the end, the 45-minutes went by in the blink of an eye. I was humbled beyond words by Jasmine’s graciousness.

Workshop Attendees

In addition to the audience, Jasmine worked with three students who I had the pleasure of making their acquaintances.

From left to right, Nikki Closser, Melissa Kilner and Ryan Greenleaf.

creative live jasmine star tofurious

I flew home that evening because next week is WPPI!


Lawrence Chan

P.S. I love Seattle. One of my favorite icons is the Gum Wall. It’s a piece of public art! Smells minty …

seattle gum wall