Ever make a presentation to 700 people? Neither have I.

Yesterday, I had the chance to speak again at WPPI (2013). Like always, it was a nerve-racking experience. Luckily, the attendees were warm and gentle with their smiles.

wppi 2013 speaker

Do you like my cat? It was a giveaway for my talk. It’s an official Big Bang Theory cat that sang “Soft Kitty” by Penny. Since I promised kittens, it would have been “false kitty advertisement” had I not delivered at least one.

wppi 2013 tofurious


Nowadays, the consumer experience is less about what a company can provide, and rather, it’s more about the relationships they build. This paradigm shift requires businesses to build relationships with customers instead of just dishing out sales pitches or portfolio photos.

Learn how to create high-quality content worthy of sharing to attract, acquire and engage a targeted audience to drive consumer action through popular social media channels.

wppi 2013 platform class

Join the amazingness.

Content Marketing & Social Media:
The Secrets to More Bookings and Online Engagement

Monday, March 11, 2013
4:00PM – 5:30PM
Platform Class (PC32)
Studio B

wppi 2013

Photos courtesy of Regis Chen.