Sometimes, when there are too many comments on a Facebook thread, it’s hard to keep track of what is going on. Cleverly, Facebook enabled replies to comments for Pages in November 2012.

Conversely, inline commenting is not ordered chronologically. Therefore, you, as a reader, cannot discern the newer comments from the older ones, unless you comb through the time stamps.

facebook how to turn on replies

It’s a toss-up, which is why Facebook allows you to enable or disable “replies.” By default, this feature is not activated. To enable “replies,” follow these two simple steps.

1. Manage Permissions

On the top of your Facebook Page, go to your permissions page.

facebook how to turn on replies

2. Enable Replies

Near the bottom of your permissions tab, check or uncheck the box for “replies.” You can always change this option in the future. Lastly, save!

facebook how to turn on replies


Lawrence Chan

P.S. This was me on Friday after photographing six straight hours of editorial in the outdoor heat at Four Seasons Beverly Hills. Exhausted.