This weekend, Julie and I came back from a 2-week stay in the Philippines. Intrigued by the exquisite flavors of Cebu’s famed roast pig, lechon, we decided to give Hawaii’s luau pig another go.

Not having been on a cruise for a couple of years, we decided to book the next available trip and be gluttonous fiends. If you’re unfamiliar with cruising, it’s all about pampering. We opted for Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) since Julie and I had an enjoyable experience with them in Mexico.

shangri la mactan

In normal retail circumstances, you pay for something and the business delivers you the good(s) – product and/ or service. Transaction is done. Consumer and retailer go on their merry ways.

However, NCL continued the brand experience before the actual transaction of us cruising takes place, which reminded me of some helpful tips in creating brand loyalty and advocacy.

A brand experience should not end the moment money is collected.

  1. Promise
  2. Surprise and Converse
  3. Transcend


The promise is pretty direct – it’s what you’re going to give for the money your client pays. It should be simple and non-confusing. Most importantly, it should not have loss aversion.


Regarding NCL, I paid for a cruise of which I will enjoy in a month.


In a nutshell, under promise and over deliver. Remember the psychological phenomenon, peak-end rule? However, be purposeful and attentive to details.

For example, if you work in the wedding industry, giving a soon-to-be wedded couple an outlet to escape the confines of stressful planning is thoughtful and timely. It can be as simple as sweets, movie tickets or Chipotle gift cards! Make it personal.

chipotle mexican grill

Give them a reason to talk about you and to always think about you. Top of mind awareness! However, make sure to have the proper social media channels for them to connect with you and other like-minded users.

Regarding NCL, they emailed me little factoids about Hawaii and sent me a tote bag! I may never use the latter, but it was really thoughtful.


Even after money is collected, make clients believe in your value. Gifts for birthdays or anniversaries are endearing examples.

Brand loyalty and advocacy is exceeding the delivery of products and services. It is building an emotional relationship beyond the course of the transaction – before, during and after.

Disney World gives everybody a pin to wear on the day of, such as “My First Time!” or “Anniversary!”, and mails every client a thank you card!

disney thank you card

All in all, remember to pamper.


Lawrence Chan

P.S. Julie and I are going to spend July in Hawaii. After cruising the various islands, we’re going to hangout in Oahu. Anyone want to meet for coffee? Comment or email me.

starbucks cup

P.P.S. Aubrey Reynolds left some kind words about my psychology to pricing e-book via Facebook.

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