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Photographers are now shooting video and videographers are now grabbing screenshots for photos.[/message_box]

2 Effective Techniques for Optimizing VIDEO for Search Engines (SEO)

When you think of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you might think of text and photo. How the heck do you optimize videos? And why should you?

In fact, it’s just as easy to optimize video just as you would with anything else. However, what most cinematographers don’t realize is that optimizing content like a photographer is far more effective for driving traffic.

[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″]Take some of the massive traffic that photographers always get![/quote]

Whether you’re doing commercial work or wedding coverage, the very first thing a client searches is photos from that venue or location. Normally, this is what photographers optimize for, but why not cinematographers too?

seo for videographers

At least in the wedding scene, unlike photography, video coverage is usually a last priority. Sometimes, it’s an afterthought. Imagine if you could be discovered at the same time photographers get prospected.

Clients may not have thought to hire a cinematographer, but would keep you in mind if your work piques their curiosity.

All in all, below are two techniques that are commonly neglected by cinematographers. If you know nothing about SEO, then you should read this post and all of these other strategies.

  1. Maximizing YouTube / Vimeo / others (sort of obvious)
  2. Rank for Image Search Results (not so obvious)

1. Maximizing YouTube / Vimeo / Others

The first step is pretty direct. You upload your video files to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and elsewhere. Notice that I did not say “or” for each of these mediums?

The reason is because Google limits you to a maximum of two search results. Granted that you know how to optimize properly, imagine having your website, Youtube video, Vimeo video and so forth all showcasing your work.

You could potentially take up the entire first page of Google with your portfolio. I know it’s possible because I have done it before.

vimeo video upload

If you are already doing this, good! If you’re not 100% confident, I have an entire SEO e-book devoted to this topic.

Rank for Image Search Results

As mentioned earlier, clients (including brides) search for photos first. And based on the search term, photos sometimes precede text-based search results.

[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″]Imagine if you were in the queries for photo search terms too![/quote]

Normally, when you make a blog post or page, you write some copy and embed the video, right? In addition to this, include two screenshots from your video.

Make sure to optimize the photos accordingly. I wrote the steps on getting photos to show up on Google here.

google image search results

All of this barely scratches the surface for SEO. However, these two techniques will help you tremendously in increasing traffic to your business.

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seo for videographers

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photographers seo book

Have fun populating on Google!

Lawrence Chan

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