Ever see a Tweet in a WordPress post? And I’m not talking about a screenshot or box with your tweets. There are many widgets that can do that. I’m referring to embedding a single tweet that you can fully interact with – follow, reply, favorite, retweet.

In fact, to do so is pretty simple. There are four steps. Below is an example of an embedded Twitter tweet.

You should know how to do this because

  • it allows you to specifically refer to a tweet without having to create an outbound link, thus sending your reader away from your site
  • this allows you to drive attention to your Twitter account all while supplementing it with content marketing
  • the relevance of a tweet to a blog post topic makes following yet another social media account less resisting

1. Find the tweet you want to embed

This tweet can be yours or someone else’s.

2. Expand the tweet

To do so, hit the timestamp link as illustrated in this photo.

twitter tweet

3. Copy the link

Go back to your WordPress post.

expanded twitter tweet

4. Paste the link in between an embed code tag

The code for the aforementioned tweet will look like below – twitter link in between the embed codes. I can’t actually type the code out because WordPress will think it is a real embed code.

embed twitter tweet code

Ta da! That’s it. If you’ve enjoyed it, share it!

Your marketing pal,

Lawrence Chan

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