Similar to how you can embed Twitter posts right into your site, you may now do so with Facebook.

To embed a post, there are three easy steps. Screenshots are below. Keep in mind that this feature is only available for Pages that you have “Manager Admin” access. You cannot embed someone else’s Facebook post onto your website, which makes it a little less versatile than Twitter.

  1. Select “Embed Post”
  2. Copy embed codes
  3. Paste embed codes

This is an example of an embedded post.

Select, Copy, Paste

For text and photo posts, hover over the top right corner of the post you want to embed. An arrow should appear. (1) Select “Embed Post.”

embed facebook posts

For images, you may also do so by selecting “Options.”

embed facebook posts

(2) Copy the embed codes. (3) Last step is to paste the codes into your website post / page. Ta da!

embed facebook posts

Advantages / Disadvantages

It’s a nice way to convert more readers on your blog to Facebook fans. Plus, you can spotlight a single photo in a gallery, which is nice.

The only disadvantage is that users have to leave your website to interact with the post. Facebook’s goal is to keep traffic circulating within their platform, thus more exposure to their ads.

Will you be using this feature? It’s pretty neat.


Lawrence Chan

P.S. Jeremiah cracks me up. This is a kind note he posted on Twitter.