After several months of toleration, Julie (fiancée) decided that she cannot endure her “possessed” HTC Thunderbolt phone anymore. For example, if she wanted to send a text message, the phone would assume that she wanted to watch a movie on Netflix.

So, we went to our local Verizon store to pick out a new phone. While we waited to get her new Galaxy S4 activated, the salesperson whispered to me, “So, when’s the big day?”

samsung galaxy s4

In my head, my inner voice said, “WTF? That’s awfully presumptuous!” I stole a glance at Julie’s hand and saw that she did not even wear her engagement ring, which was normal. Julie hates jewelry. Lucky me, right?

I later realized that Verizon saves small notes on the backgrounds of their clients. This was very similar to what I used to do when my client base was too large to remember every detail.

I used to have an Excel spreadsheet with little notes about all of my clients and prospects. I used these notes to create better engagement in person and to mail out meaningful gifts when milestones come up. This maintains top of mind awareness.

A lot of you might already have this done. If you did not, make one today! It’s simple and effective.

Just don’t give your spreadsheet to a colleague to maintain the same level of intimacy like what Verizon did. That’s just creepy! The affinity and knowledge shared is only privy to you and no one else.


Lawrence Chan

P.S. Isn’t this Scottish Fold kitten the politest?

cat gif