I’m not normally a BK guy (Hungry Jacks in Australia), but I must admit that its PR campaign did the trick. I succumbed yesterday and tried their new line of french fries.

Its #SatisFries (pun for “satisfied” coupled with fries), #WTFF (what the french fry) and #FriesKing marketing has everybody buzzing. What I enjoyed most was that the company attacked this through grassroots, local store(s) and social media.

BK’s Grassroots #WTFF

This was what got people talking at first because no one knew what it meant. Just imagine walking down the street and seeing a giant box of foam french fries spilled on the floor.


BK’s Website

burger king satisfries

BK’s Tweet

BK showed proof that it literally changed its storefront to read “Fries King” opposed to “Burger King.” Bold move. Love it.

Now, everybody knows of its new line of french fries that are 40% less fat and 30% less calories.

Hilarity ensues …

Lawrence Chan

P.S. I LOVE french fries. It’s quite possibly the most perfect form of food – crispy, salty, carby.